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Do you need inspiration today? If so, this spotlight on Grace Hopper, known as the “First Lady of Software” may be exactly what you need to read right now. Grace Hopper was pivotal in the advancement of women and technology. Find out how in this inspirational female spotlight.

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Nine Ways to Survive Without Communications Technology — The Regal Writer

There are times when you need to take a technology break; other times you’re forced to take a break due to circumstances beyond your control. That was my predicament last week when I lost my cable Internet and TV service. In the meantime, the battery on my mobile phone went on life support and I […]

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The Social Network

Within this weeks lecture, we put our laptops away ( most of us) and gained insight into the creation and tedious operations behind Facebook, through Mark Zunkenburg’s eyes. This film was the perfect reminder everyone needs to understand and realize the complexities and efforts behind something nearly everyone uses everyday, Facebook, and any other social media platforms for that matter…

I found this insightful interview on YouTube after this weeks lecture because i wanted to know more about Mark’s ideologies behind Facebook, any social media platform he is involved with… and there are many.

What platform do you use to watch ‘television’?

To help me understand a little more about the way in which you consume your ‘television’, identify which platform you use the most to watch your favorite shows.

One of this weeks extremely interesting topics has encouraged me to explore the way in which we consume what used to be called television. Maheshwari  S & Koblin J, 2018, stated that ‘Ratings are on the decline, especially among young people, some of whom don’t even own televisions.’, The New York Times, 18 may, p.1. This article resonates with me because personally i don’t even own a TV and now its intriguing to think about why that is…

The Evolution of the Beloved SIRI!

Ever since my very first phone I’ve always been familiar with Siri but never quite understood where she came from. To ease my curiosity i thought this to be a great opportunity to find out just what Siri is all about how she evolved to be the women she is today.

So please take a peek of the timeline I creating on ‘The Evolution of Siri’ by following this link:

On another note; I find it funny how some people think artificial intelligence is still a futuristic theory.  COME ON PEOPLE, THERE IS LITERALLY AN AI LIVING IN YOUR PHONE RIGHT NOW PLEASE WAKE UP.





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I knew absolutely nothing about Creative Commons and Copyright until this week!

Copyright is a word I hear literally everywhere, movies, songs, music video’s, advertisements, artworks, literature and many more, just to name a few! However I actually never properly understood what the word meant and until this week and how much copyright relates to the world of new communications. Creative Commons is a useful tool I didn’t even know existed as well and will definitely  improve my own communication skills throughout university and my career. Also, because Creative Commons did not exist until the internet was ‘born’, it will be extremely interesting to see the progression of creative commons as communication technologies advance.

So to help myself understand these both very interesting topics ( even though it didn’t seem interesting at first) i went digging for more information and found this very helpful video that i thought i might share, enjoy!

My Personal Experiences With New Communication Technologies 🤳🏼

There are so many new communication technologies to choose from in today’s world, however i think its time for me to talk about my person experiences to do with these new forms of communication. The newest communication technology that i frequently use would most definitely be my iPhone and laptop, and i am sure this is the same for a lot of people. Both of these devices are not the newest additions of the product, i do not feel the need to upgrade with the newest technologies available, just as long as my ‘new’ communication devices work and help me throughout the day i do not mind!
My first experiences with new communication technologies would be getting old phones that barely work from my older siblings and parents to play games on. Having a working phone to communicate with people would of never of been my parents priority when i was a kid, until i begged my mum for a phone when i was 14 because i was one of the only kids in the class without one. I also definitely think there is a lot of peer pressure revolved around the newest communication technologies ( but ill get into that in another post!)
Even though incidents of privacy issues have been raised a number of times in the previous months, i am more aware of the issue however i do the bare minimum to protect myself. When i first started using Facebook when i was 13 the MOST important thing to do was to have your profile completely private. Now days it seems like Facebook is harvesting every single piece of information to use for a number of things ordinary humans would have no clue existed. Is that not extremely scary? So basically i know the possibility of having privacy issues exists however i am not doing enough to prevent these issues from arising which something ill look into and change very soon!

Steve Job’s massive contribution to the communication field…

In this weeks lecture Steve Job’s contribution to the communication field was an interesting subject matter, Not only did he create the many devices we use to communicate today, but he also dramatically shaped the future of new communication technologies

(as well as give us communicators many helpful tips)

Here is a link to an awesome article about how Job’s presentation style can be extremely useful for us communicators